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This is a call to Ministry which Mrs Gloria Ladi Kwashi answered and which,  today, by God’s special grace, is transforming communities and families in Jos, Nigeria in a manner that only God Himself can.

Gloria Ladi Kwashi is a woman with compassionate heart. A compassionate heart that has a long family history of caring for children and families in need from different backgrounds and families facing different challenges.

Like a trickle it started, a few orphans who had no place to go and whose’s school was to be shot down were in a dilima. The care takers needed someone who had a heart of compassion. The vote was Unanimous, Gloria Ladi Kwashi. Though she lived almost three hundred kilometres away, the team decided to approach her to ask if she would take the responsibility.

Gloria did not hesitate. She brought in all the over twenty children with a wide age range of three months to twenty one years. But that was not all, Gloria went further to take all in right to her home and insisted they will not be in an orphanage and neither will they be called orphans. Her argument is that they may have the misfortune of loosing their parents but God has brought them to her and therefore her responsibility is to make every child not to feel abandoned or different from any of her own children and so it is.

A few weeks later, the number increased to over thirty. Simply because Gloria will not see an abandoned child or a child orphaned and will leave the child to its fate. And it takes just a little time before many more children who were desperately in need were brought in; children whose parents have died with the HIV/AIDS disease and who themselves are HIV positive were carried and brought in by Gloria and a warm comfortable home given to each of them.

Marna Gloria provided the motherly care herself. She will not leave these children in the hands of Nannies or care giver. Indeed, she home-schooled them herself with the assistance of some trained teachers.

In less than six months, the number grew to over sixty children.

How Mama Gloria is able to watch over these children at nights, take them out to ease themselves, change their nappies, get them to hospitals even at nights in the midst of the conflicts and crises in Jos and personally embrace carry and sit to talk to each one of these children still remain a marvel to as many as come to visit her home.

But that is the Ministry she has and that is the ministry she persues with passion.

If the story ends with the over fifty children all living in her personal home perharps it will be said to be an examplary show of compassion, but for Mama Gloria, there is never an end to a compassionate story, simply because just around her neighbourhood where she noticed that over 70% of the children don’t go to school for one reason or the other, Mama Gloria started a school for the.

She would wake up early morning to prepare a large breakfast- and it is a large breakfast indeed for over four hundred children. She will arrange them in the age groups; usually from one and a half years to about twenty five- and would first of all feed them before teaching them both about God and then take them through the school curriculum.

Soon the Lord opened doors of oportunities and soon Mama Gloria Ladi Kwashi and His Grace, The Most Revd. Dr. Benjamin Kwashi were able to buy a piece of land and with direct labour from Mama Kwashi herself and a few realative and friends, blocks of classrooms were built.

But this is not the end of the story… With Mama Gloria Kwashi, the story just doesn’t simply end just like that!

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