We give glory to God for His faithfulness to us since the creation of our Archdeaconry. We are part of God’s great work of grace through the ministry of the Archbishop Kwashi. The Archdeaconry was created to take care of the increasing administrative responsibility necessitated with the growing number of church and the need to see that newly planted churches are well nurtured. All the churches and schools were all planted and established in the past 25th year. The biggest challenge the Archdeaconry is facing in terms of mission is the Seventh Day Adventist church. Most people in this area are products of this church and even though they do not understand what goes on in the church, they are threatening with different sanctions if they join other denominations. We have won some converts and discipleship is on going through our school in Kawan and churches in Kawan and Jengre.

We are able, through our scholarship programme, to see how we can reach the children  in our school hoping that in the future many of them will be firmly rooted in the gospel. Also the challenge of Sunday market has made Sunday services difficult in Jengre and Kawan towns. We are educating and helping the people to see the need to worship on Sunday, we have adopted early morning service on Sundays to cope with this.

Churches and when they were established through mission outreaches;

  1. James Anglican Church 7th mile Zaria Road           1995
  2. John’s Anglican Church Jengre                                 1996
  3. All Saint’s Anglican Church Mista Ali                       1996
  4. Emmanuel Anglican Church church                         1997
  5. Andrew’s Anglican Church Zabollo                           2007
  6. Alheri Anglican Church Fuskar Mata                       2007
  7. Paul’s Anglican Church Utan                                      2008
  8. Kauna Anglican Church Kawan                                  2008
  9. Church of the Epiphany ECWA Staff                        2010



  1. All Saint’s Nursery/Primary school Mista Ali   1997
  2. Emmanuel Church school, Rock Haven             2013
  3. Emmanuel High school, Kawan                           2010
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