written by Justice Okoronkwo

St. Bartholomew’s Church Rantya was one of the churches born out of the mission outreaches by the Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi in July 1997.  The young church set within the residential communities of Kufang, Kangang, the State and Federal Lowcost Houses has grown within the past two decades to an archdeaconry of Rantya  today.

Since 1997, the archdeaconry has grown and established three other parishes now; Church of Advent in the Federal Lowcost, with St. Judes Dong and Mission station Maifarin Mota under its care. St. Stephens Sabon Barki, with St. Thomas Gada under its care. Finally, there is St. Bartholomew’s parish, with St. Mark’s Rantya, Kauna Church New Abuja and Mission Church Rwanjeh.

St Barth’s Church in itself, has grown from a handful of families to a medium sized multicultural fellowship in Rantya, with an average population of 250 attendees. It is also the hub for monthly non-denominational Firecamp meetings, Corpers Fellowship and one of the female arms of the Bible Studies Fellowship (BSF). It has witnessed the conversion of hundrededs to the Lord, and the birth of Rantya, Kauna and Zaramaganda outreach churches as a result.  Infact, it is the church where the Archbishop’s children started before they were set off  to be the Kauna Church.

The past twenty five years have shown that the little seed of faith that sown and groomed in obedience has indeed grown to a small tree. It is a church that has been encouraged and groomed to blossom under the leadership of the Archbishop Ben Kwashi, who often reminds the congregation that St. Barth’s was called to be a community church, building bonds and enhancing social cohesion in the society.


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