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Mission Possible Despite Insurgencies and Radical Jihadists

Ben and Gloria Kwashi
Archbishop Benjamin and Gloria Kwashi

“A Church without Mission is Dead,” says Archbishop Benjamin A. Kwashi. Speaking at the Jos Diocesan Mission Convention, the Archbishop calls on Christians to make missions the topmost priority. The Challenges posed by radical Islamist, overwhelming number of refugees, poverty and poor economy is a great opportunity for missions, the Archbishop said. Read More

Jos Missions Conference 2016
Missions Conference at St Piran’s Church Jos

Ordination in Jos Province: Signing A Death Certificate and Feeling Good about it

Another set of the “living Dead” has been ordained in the Anglican Diocese of Signing-ar-OrdinationJos. The Archbishop, Most Rev. Dr. Benjamin Argak Kwashi has always reiterated that ‘the Gospel we have is worth living for and worth dying for.” Ordination2016The newly ordained Deacons and Priests were told by the Bishop of Jalingo, Rt. Rev. Foreman that only two things will see them through in this age of persecution and killing of clergy, and destruction of Churches by Islamic terrorists. Their capacity which come from getting their source from God and their Character which is built from truth, honesty and justice.


‘The Church needs ‘spiritual leadership (Judges 25:21) the people need to be directed in a course that will build the Church.’ The clergy must build  Capacity and Character. The capacity is the ability to run the mileage, the mental ability needed while while character is the integrity they need to see them through.

Women Commissioned in Jos Diocese

While the debate about the ordination of women in the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communions is still at its nascent stage, the Anglican Diocese of Jos as well as other Dioceses in the north, Commission women who are married to Clergy as Co-Workers and Evangelists in theiMU-Ordination-2016r respective parishes. This commissioning, in challenging environments like Northern Nigeria, is to ensure that there is unity of focus and purpose for the couple going into Ordained Ministry as well as to continue with God’s purpose for the family in giving the Priest a helpmate in the ministry where dangers and challenges are in every corner and at every twist and turn.

2016 SYNOD:

Matthew 28:20: “Teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.”

The Archbishop Benjamin A. Kwashi has reiterated the importance of the family in the development of the society. In his Charge, the Archbishop stressed that parents, a union between a man and a woman, play a critical part in the development of a child.

Bishop B A Kwashi“Everybody in a community knows that the child spends more time with the mother. The mother shares her blood and so her life with her child when she is pregnant with him or her. Apart from the fact that God gives life, the woman could decide to terminate or keep the pregnancy which is the same as deciding to give or take away life from the child. After a child is born, the woman in the life of a child is an all-rounder. She is an interpreter: she is usually the first to understand her child’s tongue, to be able to say what the child says. She is a psychologist who knows when the child is telling the truth or not. She is the doctor who knows when a child is sick or not. The first educator of the child, she talks to the child and passes on to the child good doctrines, ethics and other lessons.

The summary of the definition above puts a big responsibility on the woman concerning evangelism . . . . If a woman does not begin her life with Jesus Christ as the Controller and the object of her whole life, she will misguide not only herself, but also her family and several others.” Read Charge Anglican Diocese of Jos – Charge 2016


 The Charge

It is official, all are called and commissioned to teach, as the Bible prescribes, in Jos Diocese

“Parents must teach. Institutions must teach. The church must teach. The women were the BA Kwashifirst witnesses to the resurrection, and were entrusted with the Risen Lord’s first command. Both women and men continue to be vital witnesses and teachers, in the home, in the school, in the community and in the church. Neither sex, nor age, nor tribe, nor background should be allowed in any way to hinder authentic, committed teaching.” Anglican Diocese of Jos – Charge 2016


“There have been countless isolated cases of herdsmen brutality to their host communities. These notorious activities of herdsmen are capable of dragging the country fulaniinto another civil war. The Fulani herdsmen are private businessmen who take away all proceeds of the business, not sharing with either their host communities or the government.” Archbishop Okoh READ

READ Grazing bill

GLORIA LADI KWASHI: The Archbishop’s Wife

gloria at graduation

Gloria the Archbishop’s wife is not just the title of the book about Gloria Ladi Kwashi, it is a statement of a woman who, dispite all challenges and responsibilities is able to achieve what so many in her position are unable to. Read More

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