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“Grace and peace to you from God our father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Praise  be to  God and father of our Lord Jesus… for He Choose us in Him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in His sight. In Him we were also chosen having been predestined according to the plan of Him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of His will… to the Praise of Him who works out every purpose of His will.” Ephesians 1:2-4; 11-12

We use this medium to thank God who has given us abundant grace to do the work he has committed in our hands. To him alone be all the glory, honour, power and majesty forevermore. Amen.

The report captures the activities of the churches and schools under Rock Haven Archdeaconry.

The churches are:

  1. Emmanuel Anglican Church Rock Haven
  2. St. John’s Anglican Church Jengere
  3. St. James Anglican Church 7th Mile
  4. All Saint’s Anglican Church Mista Ali
  5. St. Luke’s Anglican Church Angwan Juma’a
  6. St. Paul’s  Anglican Church Utan
  7. Kauna Anglican Church Kawam
  8. Alheri Anglican Church Fuskan Mata
  9. St. Andrew’s Anglican Church Zabollo

The schools are;

  1. Emmanuel Anglican High School Kawan-Igwa
  2. Emmanuel Church School, Rock- Haven, Jos
  3. All Saints Private School, Mista-Ali
  4. St. Luke’s primary School Angwan Juma’a



Pastoral services were provided by the 7 priests, 2 deacons and 4 catechists as follows;

Table 1;

Emmanuel Anglican Church, Rock Haven 

New Ang. Church ECWA Staff.

  1. Rev. Canon Samuel Alabi; BD, MDIV
  2. Mr. Nuhu Timothy
  3. Prosper Abuchi
  4. Mr. Christian Enukorah
 Vicar: Supervising priest  PriestCatechist 


St. John’s Anglican Church ,Jengere Rev. Musa Bawa; BD Vicar Priest
All Saint’s Anglican Church ,Mista Ali Rev. Chirtau Joseph; Dip Th Vicar Priest
St. James Anglican Church, 7th Mile Rev. Philip Auta Deacon
St. Luke’s Anglican Church, Angwan Juma’a Rev. Dung Badung; Dip. Th Priest
St. Paul’s  Anglican Church Utan Mr. Hyacith Adike
Kauna Anglican Church, Kawam Rev. Midawa Micah; OND Priest
Alheri Anglican Church ,Fuskan Mata Pastor Joseph Gimba Catechist
St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, Zabollo Rev. Andrew Okebe; PGD Th Priest
New Anglican Church, Igwa Mr. Henry Okeke BSc. Catechist


The analysis of the church membership, average attendance, baptized, and confirmed members is as shown below:

Table II

S/No Churches Registered adult Registered children Total average attendance Baptized Confirmed Wedding Birth Death
1 Emmanuel Anglican Church, Rock Haven 420 141 302 15 8 11
2 St. John’s Anglican Church, Jengere 26 18 24 1 NA NA
3 All Saint’s Anglican Church, Mista Ali 41 46 39 8 1 1
4 St. James Anglican Church, 7th Mile 3 4 6 NA NA NA NA
5 St. Luke’s Anglican Church, Angwan Juma’a 7 13 20 1 1
6 St. Paul’s  Anglican Church Utan 15 14 29
7 Kauna Anglican Church, Kawam 22 14 36 2
8 Alheri Anglican Church, Fuskan Mata 6 4 10 1 1
9 St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, Zabollo 4 6 12

NA- Information Not available

2.3PROJECTS:  The following projects were carried out in the year under review


  1. Building of six classroom and roofing of   4 classrooms at Emmanuel High school Igwa
  2. Starting of Nursery and Primary school within the church compound.
  3. Starting of daycare by the women fellowship of the church.
  4. Erecting of security barricades around the church.
  5. Erection of  speed bumps
  6. Renovation of some portion of the church ceiling
  7. Patching some portions of the leaking church roof
  8. Regular cleaning of water tanks in the church compound.

2.3.2St. James Anglican Church 7th Mile.

1. Block work of the church building was completed.

2.The demarcation of the altar was done.

3.The sand filling of the floor is at 90% completion

4.All five external doors were fixed.

All these were accomplished through God’s grace Emmanuel Church and other friends of the church supported. Some donated doors and other materials.

2.3.3 St. Andrew Anglican Church Zabolo

1.Moulding of blocks for church building

2.3.4All Saints Anglican Church Mista-Ali

1.Payment of assessment

2.Building of 3 class blocks to window level.

2.3.5St. John’s Anglican Church Jengre

1.Ceiling of the church

2.Plastering of the Church


2.4.1 Emmanuel High School Igwa Report:  The detailed report is in the report of the diocesan Education Board.

  1. Emmanuel Anglican Church School, Rock Haven  Report

On 24 / 9/ 12 – the School was opened by the Vicar, Canon Samuel Alabi with worship, prayers and interview of pupils.

28 pupils were offered temporary admission (Nursery 20, Primary 8). Also in attendance were the people’s warden and the school board chairperson Mrs. Nwafor.

The School closed the First Term with a total of 34 pupils out of which 5 are on scholarship. By the second term, the population had increased to 55 pulpils.

Available Furniture and Equipment

    1. 10 Primary Desks
    2. 10plastic tables and 30 plastic chairs for Nursery some were donated by the widows.
    3. 2 white boards (from Church Sunday School) and blackboards.
    4. A set of drums (Boys Brigade property)



The school is financed through Project Offering and School Fees. By God’s grace, the School has been able to pay the staff up to date and remitted the diocesan levy to the dioceses.


As we look forward to growth and expansion, we give God all the glory!

  1. St. Luke’s Nursery Primary School Angwan Juma’a

1.Number of pupils = 42

2.Number of staff=4

Daycare Creche Nur. 1 Nur. 2 Nur. 3 Pri. 1 Pri. 2 Pri. 3 Pri. 4 Pri. 5 Total
6 10 5 7 4 4 6 4

The school needs attention for the crèche and Nursery one (need for good classes)

  1. All Saint private Mista Ali


*The school in the year under review added three, class rooms to the school building it is however yet to be completed. It is at the window level.

*The school paid the church Diocesan assessment from January to October.

*The school also constructed ten set of chairs for the pupils. – Paid the pastor’s house rent for two years.

*Those that graduated also gained admission into reputable secondary schools.


Inspite of the above achievement, the school is still facing some enormous challenges that have been hindering it from it optional performance some of these ‘challenges include:

*School library and computers, and furniture

*Registering of the school with the state ministry of education.

*The school also needs more qualified teachers to make teaching and learning

more effective.

*The school also needs to be fenced for security purposes.

*In the year under review, the school board was ineffective making it difficult for smooth running of the school.

*Plastering and ceiling of class rooms.


There was a slight increase in the population from 200 to 227 pupils.

Below is the analysis:

  1. Total number of pupils =227
  2. 2. Total number of boys = 105
  3. Total number of girls = 122
  4. Total number of Christians= 213
  5. Total number of Muslims = 4
S/n Class Number of boys Number of girls Total number in class
1 Play Class 6 5 11
2 Nursery 1 17 20 37
3 Nursery 2 15 26 31
4 Primary1 10 12 22
5 Primary 2 25 20 45
6 Primary 3 13 13 26
7 Primary 4 8 23 31
8 Primary 5 11 13 24
TOTAL 105 122 227

Members of staff and their qualifications

  1. Total number of staff=12
  2. Males=3
  3. Females=7
  4. None academic staff=2
S/no Names of Teachers Post Qualification Year Class
1 Rev. Joseph Chirtau School Manager B.A 2009 -2012
2 Chinwe Osuigwe Head Teacher N.C.E 2005-2012
3 Mrs. Salome Jidongs Assistant Head Teacher O.N.D 2004-2012 Primary 3
4 Miss Rose Nnachi Health N.C.E 2005-2012 Primary 2
5 Miss Mary Olubi Bible Club N.C.E 2007-2012 Primary 2
6 Mis Joylyn Bako Music O.N.D 2011 -2012 Primary 1
7 Miss Deborah Timothy Gudiance unit S.S.C.E 2009 -2012 Nursery 1
8 Mrs. Martina Sambo Nil S.S.C.E 2012 Play class
9 Mr. Shedrcah Joshua Games Master S.S.C.E 2012 Primary 5
10 Mr. Ibrahim Salisu Labour S.S.C.E 2012 Primary 4
11 Mrs. Asabe Yohanna Nanny Nil 2000-2012
12 Mrs. Fibi Meshack Nanny Nil 2011-2012



    1. Evangelism day:

The Church meets for evangelism every first Friday of the month at the church premises by 5pm but due to poor turn out of members it was shifted to Sunday early morning  this started from September 16th, 2012. During this exercise, the members were shared two by two for person to person witnessing.

    1. The out come of Personal Witnessing

This was carried out mostly in Utan area. Many souls were won for Christ.. The total number of the new converts won during the Friday evangelism is 70 and the total number of the new converts during the Sunday evangelism from the month of September to December is 91; that is a total of 161. Its observed that the Sunday morning evangelism is very effective in Utan area compared to other days

    1. Follow – Up

Followed up of the new converts is done through home visits and discipleship class in the Church. The discipleship class holds every Monday by 5pm. The diocesan materials on discipleship is used. On completion, the students move to advance level, in this level, materials for discipleship by Bill Bright is used which has part one to four . At the graduation from this Level, it is expected that the graduants become more useful in the church most expecially in the areas of teaching.

    1. Hospital Visitation 

The sick people in ECWA Evangel Hospital werevisited twice last year with some toiletries. They  were encouraged and prayed for, for God’s speedy recovery.They were grateful.

    1. Prayer Points and Requests.
  • That God will uphold the new converts and help them to live the life of righteousness.
  • That God will equip every member to be instrument for soul winning.
  • That God’s grace and mercy should be ours as we embark on this year’s evangelical work.
    1. Expectations 

We pray that God in His infinite mercy will help  the church to reach the unreached, win more souls for him this year, visit the orphans, the sick in hospitals, the prisoners, and the churches in the rural areas to encourage them..

  1. Kauna Anglican Church Kawan

The church engaged in Mission and evangelism through house to house. During the year under review.

2.5.3All Saints Anglican Mista Ali

The Church embarked on three major outreaches to Angwan Daru, area parking, Angwan police and many people gave their lives to Christ.

  1. St. James Anglican Church 7th mile

The church, engaged in neighbourhood evangelism.

  1. St. Luke’s Church Angwan  Juma’a
    1. Carried out house to  house evangelism two times each week in the year

Crusades, two times in the year: 4th – 6th May and second 15th – 18thNovember 2013.

In the year under review apart from the churches reaching out individually, the Archdeaconry as an entity engaged in different evangelistic mission notable among them were:

  1. Outreach to Hilaza 7th Mile.
  2. Outreach to Utan
  3. Outreach to Angwan Juma’a

During the outreaches many people gave their lives to Christ.

Opening of new churches

    1. The new Anglican church, Ecwa staff has commenced service, with a catechist posted to the church.
    2. Catechist Henry okeke is to over see the new Anglican church in Igwa using one of the secondary  class rooms.
    3. Catechist  Nuhu Timothy has also been asked to survey and do a mapping out work in makatako, and to get a place ready for worship. So that immediately after the crusade in April, the church will commence activities in full force.


Friday    Saturday November 2012 9th – 10th  St. Luke’s Angwan Juma’a House to house evangelism
Friday   Saturday December 2012 14th – 15th  Hilaza near St. James’ 7th Mile Evangelism 
 Saturday  January 2013 26th  Kongo (Mista Ali) Evangelism 
10days  February 2013 15th – 25th   Angwan Juma’a Crusade 
Friday   Saturday May2013 Fuskar Mata Crusade 
Friday – Sunday May2013 Katako (Kawam) Crusade 
Friday – Sunday May 2013 24th – 26th  Zabollo  Crusade 
Friday  & Saturday June 2013 14th – 15th  Jengre  Crusade 


The women of Rock Haven archdeaconry were called into lives of “Total Commitment to God” in the year under review. We had lots of programmes planned to achieve this at our various churches and archdeaconry levels . Our activities ranged from our weekly fellowship in our various churches which includes: Bible studies, fasting/prayers, visitation, talks, evangelism, practicals, among other things, our quarterly archdeaconry programmes, meetings and also our involvement in the diocesan programmes e.g mothering Sunday, diocesan women’s conference and the Provincial women’s conference among others we give thanks to God for all that He helped us to do.



Our income has been from offerings given during our quarterly meetings, through levies leveled on the various churches under the archdeaconry when there is need, support from the archdeaconry as a whole to help us pay for some of our diocesan and provincial conferences registration fees, through these we have been able to pay diocesan dues, to be of help to the less priveledge and have been able to support each other when the need arises.


Memberships of the MU/WG/GG in our various churches are as given below:

Emmanuel Ang. Church, Rock Haven 54 26 40enrolled
St. John, Jengre 2 3 1 not  enrolled
All Saints, Mista Ali 3 7 3 not enrolled
Kauna  Ang. Church, Kawam 1 8  not enrolled
St. James, 7th Miles 1 1 Nil
Alheri Ang. Church, Fuskan Mata 3 women not enrolled
St. Paul’s Ang. Church, Utan 4 enrolled1 not enrolled 6 enrolled
St. Andrew’s  Ang. Church, Zabolo 1 enrolled1 not  enrolled
St. Luke’s Ang. Church, Angwan Juma’a 1 Nil
Total 62 41 46


In the year 2013, the Lord is calling us to “Trust and Obey” as taken from Deuteronomy 28 & psalms 84. As we trust and obey God He has promised to take us to higher heights.

We plan by God’s grace to have an investment which will help us to have a source of income to enable us to meet our obligation to our churches, Archdeaconry and the Diocese as a whole and to enable us help the less priviledge. This we believe will kick off soon.

We are also working towards having a closer walk with God as we organize series of teachings, talks, seminars, etc to enable us achieve this, so that we can have women who are truly committed to God in all ramification. God is our help.


Our archdeaconry Girls’ Guild have been meeting in their various churches for fellowship, they have support other Girls in other churches during their Girls’ Guild week. They have also supported other girls in other archdeaconry whenever they have programmes. They have also been part of Archdeaconry and Diocesan programmes. They look forward to a more fulfilling 2013


We give thanks to God for all that we were able to achieve in the year 2010 despite all the challenges faced as the year started with the crises that took place in Plateau State. We look forward to the fulfilling year 2011 and we know that with God on our side we will achieve a lot beyond what we can imagine.  We look forward to a successful Mothering Sunday, Archdeaconry conference among other activities slated for this year.

We thank our Archbishop, Most Rev. Dr B.A. Kwashi and Mama Archbishop, Mrs Gloria Ladi Kwashi,  for the priviledge to serve and we will by God’s grace be much more available this year for the Lord God Almighty to use to His praise and glory. To God be the glory.




In the year under review, the fellowship resumed on the 14th of January 2012 with the introduction of the theme for the year which was ‘Bearing lasting fruit’ (John 15:16).

Fellowship held weekly and the programmes held include; Prayers, Theme talks, Bible Studies, Talk shows, film shows, and Visitations. Notable among our programmes in the year were a special talk show on evangelism, tagged ‘The night cometh’ which featured three speakers from Voice of Christian Martyrs and CAPRO. Another was an interactive time between the parents and the youth on the role the Youth Fellowship had played in the lives of the youth.

The Youth Fellowship held its youth weekend from Thursday 22nd of November to Sunday 25th of November 2012. The theme was ‘Blossom in your youth.’ The programmes that held were: A talk show, a hospital visitation, a picnic and a thanksgiving Service respectively. The youth weekend marked the end of year for the fellowship.

The Youth Fellowship took part in the 2012 Diocesan Youth Conference which held from the 27th – 29th of July 2012 with the theme ‘stand up for Jesus’ (1 Corinthians 16:13) and had a representative from Emmanuel Anglican Church to represent the Diocese at the National Bible Study Conference.

Communication between the fellowship and the youth was markedly improved with the use of bulk text messages sent periodically. We also achieved being strict with the use of time (3:30 – 5:00pm)


Finance was raised from weekly offerings, personal donations and church support.


2.8.1Emmanuel Anglican Church. 

    1. Population: This fluctuates between 100 and 140
    1. Teachers: 13 (3 male; 10 female)
    1. Activities 
  1. National Children’s Day

On 3rd June, 2012, the Children’s Day Service took place in our Church.

The entire service was conducted by the Children’s Department. God in His mercy has graciously enrolled the preacher of that day as one of the catechists in Emmanuel (Prosper Abuchi)

  1. Children’s Harvest

The Children’s Harvest successfully took place on 7th October, 2012.

  1. Annual Conference

6th – 9th September, 2012. Two of the Sunday School teachers represented the Rock Haven Archdeaconry at this conference.

Mr. Prince Eleweke and Miss Eucharia Eziamaka represented Rock Haven Archdeaconry at Benin City.

Other Church Programmes

The Children participated in all Church programmes throughout the year (Adult and Youth harvests, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, special Sundays etc)

  1. Christmas carols

Children sang in the church and at St. John’s College Jos, on 9 /12/ 12 in the 9 lessons and carols

  1. Archdeaconry Meetings

We were able to have three (3) of such meetings in the course of  the year at All Saints Mista Ali, St. John’s Jengre and Emmanuel Anglican Church Rock  Haven


2.9.1Emmanuel Anglican Church

The year under review was a very successful one to the glory of God.

The scope of this report includes:

    1. Monthly General Meeting
    2. Father’s Day Celebration
    3. Diocesan Men’s Conference
    4. Challenges
    5. Conclusion
    1. Monthly General Meeting

This meeting normally takes place every third Saturday of the month from 8:00am – 10:00am. The focus for the year under review was rebuilding the family altar.

Meetings were held in ample times within the year and it experienced low turnout of members which was our greatest challenges of the fellowship. The demanding nature of family and societal task on the fathers but the Bible admonished us not to neglect the assembly of saints. Therefore, we urge men to brace up.

    1. Father’s Day Celebration

This is a major yearly event celebrated by the Men’s Fellowship. The men marked the day with some events e.g. the aerobic exercise and a general thanksgiving on Sunday.

    1. Diocesan Men’s Conference 

This conference is a new event organized by the general Men’s Fellowship in the Diocese to discuss issues concerning the Christian men in the Anglican Church. The commendation to the men who made it to this conference within the year under review we encourage all men to avail themselves this opportunity come October 2013.

    1. Challenges : The major challenge the men fellowship had within the year was attendance to meetings. The membership of this fellowship is open to all men in the church and automatic to married men but it is discouraging that attendance to the fellowship is poor. This poor attendance has hindered the smooth running of the fellowship.
    2. Future Plan : The plan for the year is to bring men to the knowledge and worship the creator so that we men shall arise and shine in the Lord.


*By the grace of God the Archdeaconry is committed to the payment of diocesan assessment

*        Authentic bible teaching and preaching in all our churches which will in turn

produce righteousness, truth, faith, love, peace, Godliness e.t.c will always be emphasized.

*To also progress in the area of projects in the churches in the archdeaconry, after full payment of our assessment to the diocese. May the Lord help us. Amen.

Rev. Canon Samuel Alabi:

Supervising priest