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Jos North Archdeaconry (JNA). We in JNA are full of gratitude to God for His grace and help extended to us throughout the year under review. This report captures what was done well according to expectation and our areas of weakness. It consists of activities of the churches in the archdeaconry, the only Nursery/Primary School we have, as well as the highlights of archdeaconry activities and our audited account.

2.ADMINISTRATION: Jos North Archdeaconry is made up of two districts, namely

St. Michael’s District with headquarters at St. Michael’s (Ang) Church, Busa Buji

Street, Jos and District VII with headquarters at New Covenant (Ang) Church, Laranto

Jos. The following churches make up St. Michael’s District:

i.St. Michael’s Church, Busa Buji St, Jos

ii.St. Jude’s, Farin Gada, Jos

iii.Church of the Ascension, Bauchi Road, Jos

iv.Christ Church, Gamajigo Village, Jos

District VII comprises of the churches listed below:

i.New Covenant (Ang) Church (NCAC), Laranto, Jos

ii.St. John’s, Rusau Village, Jos

iii.St Mark’s Anglican Church, Rukuba Road, Jos. Synod should please note

that this church used to be known merely as ‘Anglican Church Rukuba Road, Jos’ while it was in a rented property, but was christened “St Mark’s” by the Archbishop when it moved into its own property during the year under review.

While the Archdeacon doubles as the Chairman of St. Michael’s District, the Vicar of

New Covenant Church serves as Chairman of District VII.

STAFFING: The following are the staff serving in our Archdeaconry:

i.Ven. Chijioke O.G. Nlem, M.Div; M.A. (Archdeacon JNA and Vicar St. Michael’s Church).

ii.Rev. Frankline Unekwe, Dip. Theo (Curate, St. Michael’s Church)

iii.Rev. Canon Kingsley C. Anukam, B.Eng; P.G.D. Theo. (Vicar, New

Covenant Church)

iv.Canon J. U. Okolo, B.A, (Curate, New Covenant Church)

v.Rev. Jesse Uzuegbu, LL.B, PG.Cert. Theo (St Mark’s Anglican Church, Rukuba Road, Jos)

vi.Rev. Ayuba Nuhu Shawai, Cert. Theo (Vicar. St. John’s Church) on


vii.Rev. James Largum (Vicar, St. Jude’s Church) on transfer.

viii.Peter Ukachukwu, Cert. Mission Studies (Pastor, Christ Churh,


ix.Echezona Igbokwe (Lay Pastoral Assistant, Church of the




St. Michael’s   Completed its new church building which the Archbishop dedicated on Saturday 13th October, 2012.


– Completed the painting of its church building.

-Completed its children’s Hall

-Purchased some Public Address/Musical equipment.

iii.St. Jude’s:

-Completed block work of its church building, ready for roofing.

-Completed concrete flooring of the church building.

-Decked the Gallery of the church building.

-Built up the soak-away of the new building.

iv.St. John’s:

–  Substantial flooring and plastering of the church building done.

–  Commenced work on a three-room commercial hostel block in response to need for accommodation by University Students in the area.

v.Church of the Ascension:

– Procured materials for flooring of its church building.

vi.St Mark’s (Ang) Church, Rukuba Road:

-`Completed block work and roofed its own church building on the piece of land acquired for it the previous year by the Archdeaconry.

vii.Christ Anglican Church:

– Completed block work on the church vicarage which is ready for roofing.


3.1St. Michael’s:

i.Women Ministries:

This key arm of the church had as its theme for 2012: “Seeking God first”(Mtt6:33). Through Talks, seminars, interactive sessions, fasting and prayers built around the theme, the women were greatly blessed throughout the year as evident in the revival of individuals and families as well as the many   contributions of women to the growth of the church in the year. Attendance to women fellowship meetings was not at the level anticipated, though the quality of content and delivery of ministry was very good to the glory of God.

The women contributed significantly to the completion of the new St Michael’s  Church Building. The Fellowship paid particular attention to the welfare of its members through visits and offer of material assistance to the sick, bereaved and needy. The women participated fairly well in archdeaconry and diocesan women programmes, including the 2012 diocesan Women’s Conference where 8 of them were enrolled into Mothers’ Union and 22 others were enrolled into Women’s Guild. Membership of the group stood at about 120 women in 2012.

ii.Men’s fellowship:

In 2012, registered members of the group were about 140. The group was active throughout the year with average attendance to the monthly meetings of about 80 men. During those meetings, members were edified through bible studies, prayer sessions, talks, etc. Also members participated in the group’s visitations through which weak members, the sick and the bereaved were encouraged and supported. The group contributed much to the completion of the Church’s new building project, with their financial contribution in 2012 alone totaling N690,000.00. It also gave cash gifts of N8,000.00 each to twenty one (21) widows in the church during the 2012 Men’s Week to encourage them.


The group, made up of about70 members was vibrant fellowship throughout 2012. Its activities included Follow-up studies, bible studies, prayer meetings, house-fellowships, evangelism, visitations and sub-group meetings. Through these, members of the group were strengthened in their faith and walk with God. This made it possible for them to participate very actively in the general church activities, outreaches and projects. The group has an excellent working relationship with the church leadership and we commend this to other groups in the diocese. It contributed much to the completion of the Church’s new building project and participated well in archdeaconry, diocesan and national events throughout the year.


This very vibrant arm of the church enjoyed the grace of God in both spiritual and numerical growth in 2012. Its members participated well in the activities of the church and in particular contributed much to the completion of the Church’s new building project. The group’s regular activities include bible studies, bible expositions, seminars, prayer meetings, bible quizzes and memorization, visitations, joint-fellowships with other AYF groups in the diocese etc. The group hosted a successful Youth Week and also actively participated in both Jos Diocesan Youth Conference and the National Youth Conference. In 2012, it produced a ‘truly youth’ national AYF President in the recent history of the Church of Nigeria, in the person of Brother Chukwuebuka Ezeh, currently serving the fellowship nationally. Congratulations to the Archbishop and the diocese for this privilege God has given us!

v.Teenage Department:

A key unit of the church, this department consist of  about 120 young boys and girls at the end of 2012. They held Mattins and contemporary services, bible studies, prayer meetings, seminars and talk shows. Other activities of the department were film shows on a variety of contemporary issues including what goes on in the global secular entertainment industry, outings to Teenage groups in other churches and a special session as guest music ministers at the Government House Chapel, Rayfield, Jos. It had a successful “Week” with the theme: “Teens and global trends”. Guest Preacher was Ven. Justice Okoronkwo. God used the music ministry of the department to strengthen the church’s evangelism efforts, as the teenagers ministered regularly throughout the year at the church’s Neighbourhood Outreaches.

vi.Girls Guild:

39 girls were members of the group in 2012. Inspite of different challenges, the year was successful for the girls in terms of their activities including bible studies, talk shows, prayer meetings, discussion sessions on topical issues applicable to the girls, visitation to needy members, participation in church activities and projects. The group held its annual Week with the theme: “Purposeful living” with  Mrs Chinyere Ezeh of St Piran’s Church as guest minister. The girls actively participated in the 2012 diocesan Girls’ Guild Conference, where 4 of them were enrolled into the GG.

vii.Children Dept:

With over 400 children under the care of 18 full-time and 3 part-time teachers as well as several helpers, average attendance of the children to their services in 2012  was about 350. The activities of the department included bible lesson sessions, prayer meetings, bible quizzes, visitations etc. During the unit’s 2012 Week, 33 children were graduated to the teenage department. 2 children teachers attended children’s 2012 national conference with the PCC’s sponsorship, while the department participated well in archdeaconry and diocesan events during the year.

ix.The Church Mission Team:

This team sustained the evangelism and mission drive of the church throughout the year. It coordinated all the Neighbourhood Outreaches of the church  in different parts of Jos metropolis, during which many souls were won to the Lord. The Team also hosted the Church’s Mission Week with the theme: “I will make you fishers of men”. It was a time of renewal of the vision for mission among the church members. The Team had about 25 volunteer members at the end of 2012.

x.Prison/Hospital Visitation Team:

This outreach unit of the church faired better in 2012 than the previous year. It recorded more hospital and prison visits with encouraging results. For instance, as a result of the impact of the group on his life while in prison, an ex-convict, one Anthony, joined the church upon release from custody. A member of the team promptly helped him to secure employment. The team hosted its first annual Week with the theme:”If the Son shall set you free…”(Jh8:32-36). Brother Manasseh Muftuang, Chairman of the Plateau Prison Fellowship was guest preacher.

NB: The following units, though not regular groups, helped the church carry out critical ministry and services for the benefit of members and growth of the church: Elders Prayer Meeting, Gospel Band, Security Department, Sanctuary Keepers and Church Beautification Team.

3.2New Covenant Anglican Church (NCAC)

i.Women Ministries:

This very important arm of NCAC had as its theme for the year! “Let thy Kingdom come”. Its activities included: Bible studies, talks, praise, testimonies and prayer meetings as well as mid-year retreat. The women hosted the church to a Family Game Show during 2012 Mothering Sunday. It was an exciting experience. During the year, the women made special presentations in form of gifts and financial support to widows, orphans and the church. The department participated actively in all Archdeaconry and Diocesan women activities.

ii.Men’s fellowship:

This vital arm of the church witnessed great improvement in the commitment of its members in 2012 and successfully carried out all its programmes, including prayer meetings, bible studies, health seminar and its annual Men’s Week which featured talk shows, prayers, visits to the sick and the bereaved, etc. The men are working towards purchasing a Bus for evangelism in the near future. The group ended the year with 42 members.


The group made good progressed in 2012. It held all its programmes successfully including weekly bible stdies, follow-up studies, evangelism, visitations to the sick and bereaved members as well its annual “Week” with the theme: “Manifest His glory”. The Week featured special talks and prayer sessions. Members  of the group participated actively in EFAC zonal and sub-zonal programmes as well as in Diocesan activities. It had 30 members.


There was increased commitment among members of the group in 2012 who participated actively in all their programmes, including the group’s annual youth week with the theme:”Christian Youth in the 21st Century” which featured talk shows, special songs, drama, sports, etc. Its members participated actively in church, Archdeaconry, Diocesan and national activities. The membership of the group jumped from 29 to 44 young men and women in 2012.

v.Teenage Dept:

This critical arm of the church experienced visible growth and progress in 2012, achieved through its activities during the year, including talk shows, bible studies, prayer meetings, etc. It successfully hosted its annual week which featured special talks, seminars on academic excellence and church hymns as well as flower and tree planting exercise.

vi.Girls Guild:

With the theme: “Knowing God”, the girls had programmes and activities that challenged them to greater commitment to Christ and the church. They had practical sessions on for skill acquisition such as liquid-soap making. They had a successful girls week which featured talks and prayer sessions and participated actively in the 2012 Diocesan Girls’ Guild Conference during which 18 of them where inducted into the Guild. The group has 25 girls as members.

vi.Children Dept:

This arm of the church enjoyed the grace of God in 2012. Under the care of the teachers, the children had weekly Sunday School, Quarterly fasting and prayers, Weekly bible studies/prayer meetings. They also had their annual Week/Harvest thanksgiving which featured songs, recitations etc, by the children. 70 children make up the department.

NB: The church had other arms, though not regular groups, through which important ministries were carried out in the course of the year, including: House Fellowship, Dorcas Ministry, Health Team and Gospel Band (Praise Team).

3.3St. Jude’s:

i.Women Ministries:This arm of the church experienced relative growth during the year as the women engaged in activities like talks, bible studies, testimonies, prayer sessions. Also the women provided care for the sick, the bereaved and the needy through visitations. The group hosted the 2012 Archdeaconry Women’s Retreat. During their ‘Week’, the women donated N15,000 to the church in support of the church building project. The group’s membership rose from 50 women in 2011 to 68 women in 2012.

ii.Men’s Fellowship:The group, with 50 members, showed great improvement over its 2011 record in the commitment of its members to its activities as well as church programmes though a lot of the men fell short of expectation in terms of attendance to meetings. The men donated 6 Pews to the church valued at the cost of N108,000 and during the 2012 Adult Harvest Thanksgiving, made a cash donation of N100,000 towards the church building project.

iii.EFAC: This Group was key to the spiritual growth of the Church and featured strongly in the following areas: Bible studies, prayer meetings and revival events.

iv.AYF:The group which struggled throughout 2011 because most of its members being Jos University students, were not around Jos owing to ASSUU Strike of that year, bounced back and became a life-line for the church in 2012. Its members participated actively in the church building project, represented the Archdeaconry and Diocese in various youth bible quiz competitions. The group also bought local musical instruments for the church and had a successful week in 2012, with the theme “Vessels unto honour”, in addition to its regular weekly programmes.

v.Girls Guild:The group had 15 girls as members. Their activities included talks, bible studies, prayer meetings, practical sessions etc.”

vi.Children Ministry:Out of the nearly 135 children in the department, attendance at its services averaged at about 100 children during the year, under the care of 10 teachers, 4 of whom are trained and 6 are untrained. The department’s activities included bible studies, bible memorization, bible quizzes, prayer sessions etc. One of the children represented the Archdeaconry and the Diocese at the diocesan and national bible quiz competitions. The church sponsored 5 of the teachers to the National Children’s Conference in Warri, Delta State.

vii.EFAC: With 30 members, the group was zealous in serving the Lord in 2012In addition to its weekly programmes, the group hosted its week with the theme “Saved to save others”, through which God blessed the congregation.

Choir: There are 25 registered members of this crucial arm of the church , but many of them are not active. The group helped the church to praise and worship God with hymns and other special songs throughout the year. It was invited to minister at the Government House Chapel, Rayfield, Jos, where it gave a good account of itself to the glory of God.

3.4St. John’s Rusau:

i.Women’s Ministries:Not much happened in this arm of the church throughout the year, as virtually all its members have relocated from Rusau Village owing to Jos crisis. Only the Pastor’s wife and one or two women were left to look after things, including attendance of Archdeaconry and Diocesan women programmes.

ii.AYF:This vibrant group of the church carried out its regular programmes and a few special activities during the year, including its annual week, with the theme: “Youth in crisis of identity”which featured talks, outreach, musical concert and love feast.

iii.Children Ministry:  With about 12 children, the department manned by two untrained volunteer University students held Sunday schools, Bible studies, prayers, Bible recitations in the course of the year.

3.5St Mark’s (Ang) Church Rukuba Road:

i.Women Ministries:This arm of the church met twice a month for its programmes with the theme: “Follow me”. Their activities included neighbourhood evangelism, Bible studies, prayers, visitation to the sick etc.

ii.Men’s Fellowship:The group met every two weeks mainly for prayers, Bible studies etc. The men were diligent in all matters concerning the spiritual, numerical and financial growth of the Church.

iii.Children Ministries:Attendance at the department’s services averaged at about 22 children under the care of one untrained teacher. The children had the following activities: Bible studies, Bible memorization/recitations, prayer sessions etc.

3.6Christ (Ang) Church, Gamajogo:

i.Women Ministries:The women of this baby church held their fellowship meetings and engaged in weekly cleaning of the church and weeding of grass in its environs. They assisted in fetching water for the on-going construction of the church vicarage as well as participated in the church bible studies, discipleship classes and evangelism.

ii.Children / Youth:The church Pastor also doubled as Sunday school teacher as he held services for the children an hour before the adult service of the church. The few young people in the church on their part participated in maintaining cleanliness of the church and assisted with work at the vicarage construction site.


4.1St. Michael’s:

i.Neighbourhood Outreaches:  The church sustained its commitment to evangelism through its monthly Neighbourhood Outreaches to communities and localities around it. Places covered include: Akporido Junction, Apata; Busa-Buji Street; areas around Ganaka International School, Gordon Hotel and St Murumba Church; parts of Uthan Village. Many souls were won in these outreaches and several of them are being followed-up.

ii.  Discipleship Class: The church discipleship programme went on relatively well in 2012. There was an average attendance of about 15 new believers every Sunday, studying to deepen their faith in the Lord. These were usually distributed into different study groups depending on their stage in the study series and the availability of teachers.

iii.Focus on the Anaguta People: In response to thecall by the Archbishop for the evangelization of this marginalised people in the State, St Michael’s Church leadership decided to reach out to them as its host community. The process leading to that evolved at three levels. First, in July 2012, the Vicar sent out a Questionaire to all the groups in the church to suggest ways of drawing the natives into the church. While the outcome of that survey was being awaited, the women fellowship Exco unanimously decided to award scholarship to an Anaguta child in the church primary school, and promptly requested the Vicar to help actualize this goal with effect from September, 2012. Then The Archbishop, during his visit for the dedication of the new building of the church in October, directed that one more child be included in the scheme. That was the second stage. The third stage was when the PCC decided to extend the scholarship to yet one more school child and another Anaguta adult male to be sponsored in theological training at the Christian Institute, Jos. To achieve these goals the PCC held a meeting with the representatives of the Anaguta Development Association in November, 2012. The outcome of that was the admission of the following three Anaguta children into the church primary school on scholarship: John Simon Dauji; Israel Luka Ubandoma and Moses Dala Galadima. The candidate for theological education was being awaited at the time of this report.

4.2NCAC: The Church engaged evangelism in Angwa Soya, Gada Biu and Jenta. 10souls were won to Christ during these outreaches and are being followed-up. The has begun to pray for the Hausa/Fulani people-group in keeping with the Archdeaconry resolution to adopt them as its mission field.

4.3St. John’s Rusau: The church continued to evangelise its area through visits to families  and Jos University students in the locality, aimed at creating awareness among them and drawing them to the church.

4.4Christ (Ang) Church, Gamajigo:  The church embarked on house to house evangelism within the Gamajigo community as well as follow-up visitations to new converts, which resulted in awareness creation in the area and drawing of a few persons to the church.


5.1.Episcopal VisitThe Archdeaconry hosted the Archbishop, Most Rev. Dr. B.A. Kwashi, for the dedication of the new St Michael’s Church building and its 2012 Confirmation on Saturday 13th October, 2012. Venue was St. Michael’s Church, Busa-Buji Street, Jos. The Archbishop was full of gratitude to God for enabling St Michael’s to complete in record time of a little over two years, the edifice he described as belonging” to the fourth generation”. He praised the members for working so hard and achieving their goal. He then challenged them to work even harder to effectively reach the host community, the Anaguta people, with the gospel. He was delighted that the church was already on course by its gesture of awarding scholarship to two Anaguta children in the church primary school. He directed that a third Anaguta child be included in the scheme. The Archbishop also Confirmed 49 candidates of the archdeaconry to the joy and delight of their families and other worshippers on that occasion.

5.2.Archdeaconry Mission Strategy:  In compliance with the directive of the last Synod Session, the Archdeaconry held a well-attended strategic planning meeting on mission and evangelism in the archdeaconry on 11th August, 2012 at the Archdeaconry Headquarters, St Michael’s Church, Busa-Buji St, Jos. The following are among the Resolutions of the meeting:

i.Considering the geographical location of the archdeaconry, the Hausa/Fulani people group will be the primary mission focus of the archdeaconry henceforth. With immediate effect, an aggressive prayer mobilization for the Hausa/Fulani should begin in all the churches of the archdeaconry towards effective mission among them.

ii.The archdeaconry will approach the Diocesan department for training of its members in preparation for the mission onslaught among the Hausa/Fulani.

iii.An Archdeaconry Mission Task Force to be set up immediately to continue the brainstorming on the way ahead for the archdeaconry mission and evangelism thrust.

ii.Christ (Ang) Church, being a church under three years of existence, was not assessed in 2012.

iii.Synod should please note that the poor performance of St. Michael’s and St. Jude’s in assessment payments in 2012 is a direct result of their respective efforts at church building projects.




This is the only school within the Archdeaconry. The following are highlights of its activities and records in the 2011/2012 academic session:

7.1Population of Pupils:SMAPS consists of Nursery and Primary sections (Play Class – Primary 5). As at the end of the session, there were 594 pupils in the School distributed as follows:

Play Class 21 25 46
Nursery One A 22 27 39
Nursery One B 22 16 38
Nursery Two A 20 14 34
Nursery Two B 23 14 37
Nursery Three A 17 23 40
Nursery Three B 19 20 39
Primary One A 15 22 37
Primary One B 18 20 38
Primary Two A 23 16 39
Primary Two B 23 16 39
Primary Three A 19 17 36
Primary Three B 18 14 32
Primary Four A 13 14 27
Primary Four B 12 13 25
Primary Five A 14 12 26
Primary Five B 16 10 26
Total 312 282 594

7.2Staff Strength:  In 2011/2012 session, SMAPS had a total of 30 staff (25 teaching and 5 non-teaching).

7.3Academic Performance:  All the 52 Primary 5 pupils that graduated from the School gained admission to reputable Secondary Schools within and outside Jos, while 79 Nursery pupils moved to our Primary section.

7.4.Diocesan Development Levy:

It would seem that SMAPS was the only school that complied with the Diocesan directive on Development Levy among all the Nursery/Primary and Secondary schools of all schools in the Diocese up to the end of the last Synod. SMAPS paid the sum of N208,000.00 (Two Hundred and eight thousand) with the Diocesan Receipt number 10441, dated 19th Dec, 2011. This sum was the exact amount due to be paid by the school based on its pupils’ population as required by the diocese up that point. If it be so, it is our considered view that Synod should at least commend this young school in no uncertain terms, as a way of encouraging loyalty among the schools.

7.5. Summary of Income and Expenditure of the School:

7.6.Appreciation:The Archdeaconry is very grateful to the P.C.C of St. Michael’s Church  for the sustained support it has continued to give to SMAPS. Also the efforts of the School’s Management Committee (SMC) ably led by Mrs C.N. Nwankwo and the labours of the Staff led by Mrs Obiageli Ezeh (H.M) are highly commended.


I give God all the glory for whatever was achieved within the Archdeaconry in 2012. We regret our inadequacies. Synod is requested to bear with us and continue to pray for us. We are determined to do better in 2013 by the grace of God.

Ven. C.O.G. Nlem

(Archdeacon, Jos North Archdeaconry/Manager SMAPS