Jos Diocesan Archdeaconries

Jos South

Being one of the oldest churches in the state. The Church of St. Piran on the Plateau serves as the head quarters of Jos South archdeaconry with eight other churches under it, some of which run both primary and secondary schools. The archdeaconry has been a breeding ground for Missions and Evangelism over the years and it has not relented even as it has been responsible for many upcoming churches. Again the headquarters has hosted the Jos Mission Convention an annual mission-driven program designed by the diocese to motivate/prepare the clergy and laity for missions and a host of other events.


This is the seat of the Archbishop. The cathedral church of St. Luke’s is itself an Archdeaconry which is strategically located in the heart of the city and has been a sanctuary for believers for over a century. It is a congregation that consist of both old and young members alike.

And with its position as diocesan Headquarters, a lot of diocesan activities are held there as well as inter-denominational programs. The Archbishop is the dean of the cathedral.

Jos North

St Micheal’s Church Katako being the headquarters is geographically located in an area some would consider a ‘danger zone’, but Jos North archdeaconry is one of the pillars of the diocese, an epitome of courage and commitment in the diocese. It is also unrelenting in missions and evangelism .

Rock Haven

Rock haven archdeaconry has its tentacles spread out across different ethnic groups in the state ranging from indigenous groups to tribes originate outside the state. This goes to say that unity and tolerance has been the practice in this parts . The archdeaconry also has produced and is responsible for a lot of schools, several of which have been made affordable to meet the needs of the communities in which they were established.

Jos Central

St Paul’s church, the archdeaconry headquarters is also situated at the heart of jos, state capital . Being one of the oldest archdeaconries in the diocese. It is one of the most established and has given birth to other archdeaconries.


Recently hit by the herds men attach this archdeaconry remains resilient in its commitment to the things of God. The gates of hell has not and will never prevail, the church keeps marching on.


This is another mission-driven archdeaconry with St Bartholomew’s church as its headquarters and being the seat of the archdeacon. It has set the pace by establishing its own water processing factory and along with other ventures aimed at furthering the work of Christ in and around the state.


This is an assembly of the chapels of various institutions within the diocese and  other congregations that serve the function. There are nine churches in all with the seat situated in chapel on the rock , St John’s college Jos. Having young people making up for the larger part of the population.this archdeaconry focuses mainly on bringing up leaders of tomorrow.


With 14 churches Fobur  archdeaconry has the highest number of congregations in the diocese(not highest population though). It is an archdeaconry that is a rural based, therefore , a fertile ground for missions.

Jos East

This is another archdeaconry with churches that are hosted by relatively hostile communities and so it has its work cut out for it but God has been faithful thus far.


Been one of the newly created archdeaconries hasn’t stopped Rayfield archdeaconry from taking giant strides. It has vigorously engaged in missions and has been able to give birth to seven other churches under it .St Christopher’s  church is the archdeaconry headquarters.

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