A Church without Mission is Dead

Most Rev. Benjamin Kwashi Archbishop Jos Province

The Most Rev Dr. Archbishop Kwashi has reiterated that unless a Church focuses on mission and evangelising the communities around it, it will soon loose relevance and die off. There may be fantastic monuments and buildings but the life of Christ inside it is gone and therefore it exists only as a monument as beautiful as it may look, it still remains a corpse. The Archbishop says “every Church exists primarily for missions; teaching, discipling and caring for the poor, the vulnerable, the needy and spreading the Gospel of Christ.”


Bro Mike Adegbile NEMA Exec. Secretary

Mike Adegbile, the NEMA Executive secretary who was recently kidnapped and later released by militant youths, speaking at the Jos Mission Convention, called on the Church to restrategize to reach the North Eastern Nigeria that has been devastated by the Boko Haram Islamic Jihad in the last 7 years.

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