“I have observed from my readings and from life’s experiences that the men and women who have transformed societies, brought about change in communities, turned around the hearts of men and women to Jesus Christ, and made the greatest spiritual and physical impact leading to revivals and long-lasting gospel re-awakenings, have seen men and women who have consistently carried the gospel with joy to places where nobody else wants to go.  They have taken the risk for the sake of the gospel to go to forgotten areas of the world in order to bring people to Christ.  These kinds of people are those who have run the race and are running with a sense of urgency and are enthusiastic about the message they carry.  They do everything possible to get everybody ready for the return of the bridegroom.  These kinds of people are not ashamed to humble themselves first, to deny themselves and to labour and work very hard in the mission field, in the city, in the village and anywhere they are called to serve, be it through teaching, administration, health care, music, leadership or whatever is needed.  They will do all they can until every lamp is burning, waiting for the coming of the bridegroom…

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These people will wash the wounds of the sick, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, care for the poor, shelter the homeless, bring hope to widows and build communities, militate against evil to set captives and the oppressed free, with the sole aim of getting them ready for the coming of the bridegroom.  Those who have their eyes fixed on this second coming also have their ears open for the cry, “Behold, here comes the bridegroom!”  Their sleep is little, their expectations high.  This is so because despite all that is happening in the world around us and beyond, one thing and one thing only is certain: Jesus will return and history will be culminated with the coming of the bridegroom.

“The Kingdom of Heaven will be like . . .”

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