‘This Gospel that we preach is worth living for and worth dying for’ 
 B. A. Kwashi – Archbishop of Jos Province



Archbishop Benjamin Argak and Gloria Ladi Kwashi

The Beginning / The Early Days  / The Growth / The Mission



The most important thing in a Minister’s life is to see the work of the lord prospering in every way to bring great glory to God. We are called to serve in such a unique way as servants of God to bring the knowledge and fear of the Lord to our local area of primary assignment first and simultaneously to the nation’s of the world.
Such a calling is urgent, focused and diligent in keeping a consistent step the Apostolic mission.
-Where the Word is at the heart of all ministry.
-Where the Holy Spirit superintends and gives direction to the entire ministry in power.
-Where the works of Satan finds no cover and all evil is exposed.
-Where sinners come to find salvation, loving discipleship, care and training for a continuing cross cultural ministry.
-Where the mission of God is priority.
May the work of God in our cure prosper, bring forth fruit, increase and keep growing until the whole earth is covered by the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.



2017 Synod


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  1. Takudo Nzadeino says:

    The Lord is indeed doing a great thing in the Christian Institute. A master degree programe is presently ongoing at the institute… All thanks be to the LORD!

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