The Diocesan Commission On Foreign And Local Missions  

We appreciate God for the grace He has granted unto the team, by which we see daily the futility of our plans without Him. For it is He that works in us both to will and to do according to His good pleasure. We count it a great privilege to be called to this great task, and we can say that thus far, in our obvious weaknesses and slow start, we have seen the Mercis of the Lord greatly overflowing o our behalf.


We were appointed with a mandate to continue from where the previous Mission Team stopped, for the Diocese of Jos has indeed made remarkable progress in Missions before now. However, our mandate made our concern not to be primarily the planting of Churches, though this will happen as a product of this mission. But our main focus is the THE TRANSFORMATION WHICH THE GOSPEL BRINGS, EVIDENT IN ALL SPHERES OF LIFE: AT WORK, LEISURE, POLITICS, MARKET, BUSINESS AND CARE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. We were therefore called to initiate, enhance and sustain structures, programmes, trainings and events that will ignite the church with the passion to live practically and authentically for Christ.


To Position Jos Diocese as a strong base for Local and Foreign Missions, by raising, training and sending men and women within and across cultures in answer to the Great Commission.

 ACTIVITIES SO FAR: Though the Mission team awoke in the year to a slow start, nevertheless, few activities that resonated across the Diocese were executed:

MISSION FUNDS SUPPORT: The Team embarked on a Mission Fund Drive by enlightening the People on the Mission needs and by giving them opportunity to participate actively in Missions through Financial Support. So far, more than N2,000,000 Naira has been collected. These have been used to organize the Mission Conferences, and run the Secretariat – maintaining the two staff.


This year, it was designed to be a STAKE HOLDERS’ CONFERENCE. This was meant to be all the members of the Pastoral Team (lay and ordained). All PCC members and Church workers. it held for 3 days at St. Pirans Church, Jos. it witnessed an attendance of more than 1000 participants. The presentations were aimed at stirring the Church workers to their responsibility as co-ministers, and to the need for missions within the New Diocese of Jos.


This was the second part of the Missions Conference, handled by El Rehoboth Ministry led by Rev. Tim Olonade. It was for the same participants as before and was aimed at teaching the church workers the need and the ways of doing Mission strategically. There were about 600 participants.

 SOMA  3rd – 16th October, 2012

The Jos (Nigeria) team could not participate, due to the late change in plans by the Host country – South Africa, to demand that accommodation, feeding and local transportation will be paid for. the calculated cost for a person to attend rose from N180,000 to N310,000. Eventually it was agreed that two people were to represent the Diocese. Again this was frustrated by the South Africa High Commission, that made VISA procurement very difficult.

DIVCON 2012  8th – 11th November, 2012

This held in Abuja, and about 33 people attended. The proximity of Jos and Abuja ought to have made our participation more, but the cost of feeding and accommodation in Abuja, made the cost very high for churches to sponsor many more people.


This 5 day Annual Revival Meeting just held was another time of God’s visitation. The Intended speaker – Bro Gbile Akanni could not come, and Bishop Joe Musa was found to be available for that time. The First four days held at St. Paul’s Jos, and churches made available facilities needed. The evenings were Revival Sessions while the Clergy had two exclusive interactive sessions with the speaker. The Sunday Celebration Service held at St. John’s College, and it was an open-air meeting. The general attendance was better than the previous year, but still indicates that more needs to be done to mobilise our congregation deliberately.


At the end of the Mission Conferences, it was agreed, that for now, we will not continue with Joint Outreaches. we agreed rather, that each Archdeaconry should develop a Mission Plan and engage its field independent of others. this will make us be extensive in our Mission scope. So far, only 4 Archdeaconries have submitted Mission plans. We want to believe that this does not mean that the others are not engaging in their fields. we trust that more outreaches will be taking place within these few weeks remaining in this year and into early 2013. Subsequent reports will carry these by the grace of God.

GREAT DONATION FOR A MISSION CENTRE: We gladly announce the donation of former Rhema Academy (primary School grounds and Building) to the Diocesan Mission Commission by Ven. and Mrs. Onubogu. They wish for a date to be given when they will formally hand over the documents to His Grace. To God be the Glory!


The activities of the Mission Commission are on-going, and we trust that by the end of the year, the reports will present a clearer picture on the mission activities in the Diocese in the year 2012. May the Lord turn the Diocese into a Centre for Missions for the Nations in the name of Jesus Christ.

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